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Welcome to Microsoft Go-To-Market Services

Discover Microsoft Go-To-Market Microsoft Go-To-Market Services help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) increase the success of their applications on the Microsoft platform. It gives eligible partners exclusive Microsoft Go-To-Market resources to help boost exposure among new customers, build better cloud businesses, and improve app performance.

  • Extensive marketing resources to increase awareness and app demand
  • Community support with our Community Calls and Monthly Newsletter

Microsoft Go-To-Market Services provides valuable opportunities to maximize your app promotion and sales.

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From case studies and marketing templates, to helpful business guidance and community support—you can access a wealth of resources right here with the Microsoft Go-To-Market Online Resource. Wherever you are on your app journey, we have the resources—including dedicated Microsoft Go-To-Market specialists—to help you every step of the way.

Click on a topic below to navigate through the resources. You can directly access information on how Microsoft can support your business. You'll need to sign-in and create a profile to download Microsoft Go-To-Market resources, or request access to certain programs by emailing the concierge desk directly.

Concierge Desk

Our dedicated Microsoft Go-To-Market specialists are available to review the Microsoft Go-To-Market Resources with you, answer questions and help you get started. They can work with you to create a plan that makes the most of the Microsoft Go-To-Market Resources based on your marketing objectives.

The Concierge Desk is available 24 hours a day, Monday-Friday, in order to support partners across the world. Concierge Desk support is available in many different languages.


You can email the Concierge Desk directly with a question or to request to schedule a call to discuss the Microsoft Go-To-Market Resources. The Concierge Desk will send you a meeting request based on your preferred time. Email

The Team

We're the Microsoft Go-To-Market Services team and we're committed to helping Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) launch successful apps on the Microsoft platform. Through our Microsoft Go-To-Market programs we support joint marketing and selling offers, app awareness and discoverability, and partner-to-partner connections.

We're excited that you've chosen the Microsoft platform for your app and look forward to helping you maximize your market and sales opportunities. Contact the app marketing specialists at our Concierge Desk to learn more about the Microsoft Go-To-Market Program and for help getting started using the Microsoft Go-To-Market resources.

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Technical capabilities are only one consideration when choosing a cloud platform. We were really looking for a platform provider who would help us launch, market and sell our solution. We wanted to work with a provider that treated us like a partner.
Mike Mersch
Sr. Director Strategic Alliances, Engine Yard
Microsoft provided great support to Alert Logic for our launch on the Azure platform. We truly appreciate and highly value their partnership.
Jonathan Norman
Co-Founder, Alert Logic
The Go-To-Market Services team at Microsoft has been a great partner, helping AtContent reach out to the blogger community electronically and in person.
Alexey Semeney
CEO, AtContent
We really appreciate the close partnership that Microsoft gave Bitnami to amplify the availability of our Launchpad offering. It helped us get off to a great start!
Erica Brescia
Co-Founder and COO, Bitnami